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Dermasil Dry Skin Lotion History

P1160121 x300In 1993 Chesebrough-Pond's USA introduced a remarkable hand and body lotion product Dermasil to the skin care therapeutic market. Chesebrough was innovative in positioning Dermasil as an over-the -counter pharmaceutical brand above traditional moisturizers such as Vaseline Intensive Care.

Having acquired the brand in 2002, we at Rise International Group believe that the continued success of Dermasil lies with its original therapeutic dry-skin formulation which accelerates the healing of persistently dry skin.  Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, and Advanced Treatment address the three major skin types that have specific needs. Dermasil, contains high levels of Dimethicone which advances the quick absorbing, less greasy and long lasting conditioned feel onto thirsty skin, while protecting skin from moisture loss.

A known and trusted brand for over 20 years, Dermasil continues to be an effective premium  product with exceptional VALUE.

Dermasil, a non proliferated, value oriented, skin care regime

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