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Dry Skin Treatment - DermasilOur company manufactures and wholesales quality personal care and skin care products, such as the Dermasil lotions, the Rise Shaving Cream, and the Pears Soaps. All our toiletries are very economical and can be used by a broad range of people, young and older alike.

Dermasil was originally designed for Dry Skin, and it's success is due to a well balanced formula of classic and proven ingredients, such as petrolatum/ petroleum jelly, glycerin, quality oils and plant extracts, etc.

Currently we offer Dermasil for dry skin, Dermasil for sensitive skin, and Dermasil for advanced treatment. Dermasil was developed in the Dermasil Labs, and it has the Pharmaceutical Research label.

As a well established skin care product manufacturer and wholesaler, we are interested to hear from dermatologists, hospitals, health care providers, and other specialists in cosmetic treatments their opinion about Dermasil.

Contact us Today for more info, samples, and discounts for our skin care products: Dermasil for dry skin, Dermasil for sensitive skin, and Dermasil advanced treatment.



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