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What is the difference in the new
Formulation of Pears Soap

"The new pack you were referring to is new formulation (2009), which is very similar to the previous version". The reason for increase in the number of ingredients is, in previous pack version only key ingredients were declared. With the introduction of the new formula, we have declared full ingredient listing on the pack which is in line with the standard practice followed across all personal care products by Unilever.

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We have also now declared complete list of potential allergens on the pack for benefit of the consumers. This is the key reason for the increase in the number of ingredients declared on the pack. The new formulation also contains three more moisturizing ingredients as compared to the earlier version. The product is now fortified with increased level of moisturizers (a combination of polyethylene glycol , sorbitol, glycerin and propylene glycol - 31 % as against the original product which contained only 6.3 % glycerin).

The new Pears indeed has come with a new environmentally friendly formulation and process, maintaining close similarity with the old Pears.

The old Pears bar manufacturing involved high consumption of energy and also contained peanut oil.  In addition, a large quantity of ethyl alcohol was used in the process which gets evaporated and resulted in avoidable wastage. The new formulation has removed peanut oil which was not considered desirable by some users and has been replaced with better moisturizing agents. New Pears Process is significantly environmentally friendly process. Traditionally, Pears soap  was manufactured using a process involving use of a large quantity of alcohol (27%)   and a long maturation step (about 60 days). A new process & formulation has been implemented for the new Pears which uses a minimal quantity of alcohol (2%) and does not require the maturation step.

These changes have been achieved by maintaining high level of similarity with the old formulation in terms of consumer deliverables, and in fact has been fortified with increased levels of moisturizers (a combination of polyethylene glycol, sorbitol, glycerin and propylene glycol).

Based on R & D efforts, the Company has been able to develop a better formulation with higher level of humectants, providing better moisturizing. The new formulation also does away with peanut oil, is significantly more energy-efficient and does not also waste and consume large quantities ofalcohol. It is hence more environment friendly.

The new Pears Transparent Soap brings to the consumer the same core qualities that have made it into an iconic brand for more than 200 years and at the same time reduction in alcohol used & energy spent in the process has resulted in a very significant reduction overall environmental impact of new Pears.Pears soap is gluten free, and dermatologist tested.

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