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610First I found this at Big Lots Discount Store. Always looking for a good shave product so I tried it. It was less than a buck a tube, so why not. Now I search for this stuff wherever I shop. I've used many high end soap, cream, & gel products including: The Art of Shaving, KOS (King Of Shave), Jack Black, Anthony, Neutrogena, and others. This competes with them all!!!

    By Big$tock10 - Best shave product.

Rise is what my dad used to use. Gel is great lubricated perfectly and razor glides with no irritation. Regular shaving cream just foams and washes off with razor when you rinse razor and go over area again it does not have the lubrication that this gel has. Blades that have more than 1 blade rinse clean. The closest shave possible with no irritation. Product is highly concentrated and just a little bit goes a long way thus you really need very little to cover your face. 1 tube will last a very long time.

    By Bymon – Great lubricant for a close shave with no irritation

This is an easy to apply, thick shaving cream in a great size for home use or travel. I will be reordering this product.

    By JohnE – Thick shaving cream, easy to apply.

I bought this product for my son. He has sensitive skin and most shave creams cause irritation. Rise is the only product he has never had a problem with .

    By Lupieon – Best shaving cream for sensitive skin

I bought this for a buck at Dollar Tree not expecting much. I hate shaving. I always end up with razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc. I have a thick rough beard and sensitive skin, it is a terrible combo. This stuff was amazing . Three days growth came off like peach fuzz with no irritation. I'm going to go back and buy a box.

    By Tiki – Amazing shave cream for rough beard and sensitive skin

Have not found a shaving gel that does not sting, irritate, cause bumps & rashes in 15 years!! I had given up hope of ever shaving with anything other than an electric shaver. Found a sample of this at a local store & decided to try it. It is hands down, the BEST shaving lubricant I have found, EVER!  I have lived in & traveled around numerous countries & tried everything. I highly recommend it. Will not use anything else, ever again. I can finally have a close shave again.

    By Shellusc - The BEST shaving lubricant I have found – Now my exclusive shave cram

An old school brand that more men should try. As you get older and your skin thinner, nicks and cuts become more common - at least they did for me. This product lubes so well as to almost eliminate shaving accidents while still producing a razor close shave. Hard to find but well worth the effort - and cheap!

    By Allen Stegall  - Old shave cream brand that eliminates shaving accidents

My wife bought me a tube of Rise Gel at the Dollar Tree (for $1 of course). I LOVED IT! I tried to find it locally but it seems to be available only on the U.S. West Coast. I am not sure why the local Dollar Tree had it for a short time. Eventually I ran out of it.

I ordered it from Amazon since I couldn't find it anywhere else. It works VERY well and is good for trips as it is concentrated and I need take only a tiny amount for a week's trip out of town. It has a light pleasant fragrance that is not overbearing. It lubricates very well and rinses off easily.

It is the best thing I have found to shave with . I could pick up something else locally but prefer ordering this from Amazon. To me, it is that good!

    By Wilbur – The best shaving cream I have found.

Aerosol Shave Cream for three Generations of Men.

Rise GenerationsMore than 60 years ago Carter Wallace unveiled a very welcome innovation in shaving named RISE.  The current baby boomers, their fathers and grandfathers rapidly adopted this simplified and fast shave method using Rise. Convenience and superior results were amazing. The product proved to be highly effective without water or a brush.   Currently this aerosol shaving cream can be purchased in travel size and is  TSA approved.

Over time Rise improved formulas to help people achieve the best shave. The rich moist lather afforded men of all ages closer and closer shaving while protecting their skin against irritation, cuts and nicks. The Rise specially formulated varieties for sensitive skin, along with the Rise regular shaving lathers address all consumer's needs for an amazingly comfortable shave. 


Rise Shaving Cream Keeps Your Whiskers Soft and Easy to Cut – Vintage Commercial

 Shaving isn't fun. But it doesn't have to be unpleasant either. A lot depends on the tools you use. Take shaving cream. You need a shaving cream that's moist. Because it's moisture that makes your whiskers soft and easy to cut.

Rise® has enough moisture to do just that. Slowly it seeps moisture into your beard and holds it there for as long as it takes you to shave.

Rise. It can't make shaving fun. But it can make it comfortable!

Also available in travel size and TSA approved.

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