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Rise - The first Pressurized Shaving Cream, launched by Carter Wallace in 1949

In 1949 a grooming product innovation was unveiled: an aerosol shaving product named Rise that was the first pressurized shaving cream. Soon after Rise introduced in the early 1950's the first shave foam product that combined the speed and convenience of a brushless shave foam with superb lathering and moisturizing characteristics. The now baby boomers, their fathers and grandfathers overwhelmingly welcomed and rapidly adopted a simplified, fast and clean shave with Rise Shave Foam, which proved to be highly effective without water or a brush. Convenience and superior results were amazing, whether you were a teenager with little experience in personal shaving or a senior with wrinkles and sensitive spots on your face. The product's explosive popularity prompted many imitations, including a Colgate product so similar that Carter Wallace sued for infringement of patent rights. This case was won by Carter more than ten years later.

Ted Danson - Rise Shave Cream 1978 Commerical


In 1988 The Rise Shave Foam line was acquired by Chesebrough-Pond's USA as a result of the Unilever purchase of Faberge.

Rise - a Shaving Cream used for over 6 Decades

Over time Rise improved formulas to help people achieve the dream shave. The rich moist lather allowed closer and closer shaving and perfected the skin protection against irritation, cuts and nicks. The Rise varieties for sensitive skin, the Rise after shaves, the Rise cooling balms and the Rise regular shaving lathers address all consumer's needs for hair removal, from young to older. Manufactured under strict quality standards and with quality ingredients Rise can be your preferred shaving cream brand. As a teenager you might want to try various shaving products. Why not pick the ones used by your brothers, fathers and grandfathers? As an adult you might want to stick with a brand that proved it's consistency and longevity for more that half a century.

An Honest Handshake - Rise is a Shaving Cream at the Right Price

Rise shaving products are available at very competitive prices. The manufacturer is well aware of the many brands sold in North America and abroad. That's why the honesty displayed from the very beginning is paramount. With improved technologies and reliable suppliers Rise keeps it's shaving products affordable to most people. Resellers, Dealers, Retail Stores, etc. are invited to contact Rise at 1-800-282-1813 or Contact Us for great reseller opportunities. The Rise shave product line includes:

TRY RISE - Get the peace of mind of a product manufactured in the USA
Buy Online Rise Shaving Cream, After Shave and Cooling Balm

Please see below some vintage Rise advertisements that will give you a glimpse on how the Rise brand evolved over the years. Please contact us for more info and to buy.

1 - Rise Shaving Cream Keeps your Whiskers Soft and Easy to Cut

Since you have to shave every day, you may as well get a comfortable one

Shaving isn't fun. But it doesn't have to be unpleasant either

A lot depends on the tools you use. Take shaving cream. You need a shaving cream that's moist. Because it's moisture that makes your whiskers soft and easy to cut.

Rise® has enough moisture to do just that. Slowly it seeps moisture into your beard and holds it there for as long as it takes you to shave.

Rise. It can't make shaving fun. But it can make it comfortable.

2 - Rise Shaving Gel for Added Protection and a Closer Shave

introducing Rise CIoser & Closer. A protective shaving gel for the way you actually shave: two, three, even four times over the same spot,

With all due respect to today's miraculously sharp, super cutting razor blades, there's still really just one way to get a close shave. And that's to keep going over each part of your beard with the blade until it looks and feels clean and smooth. (Which, if you stop and think about it, is what you and most other men actually do when you shave.)

Of course, the more you go over a spot the more you risk irritation, nicks, etc., etc. And since conventional shaving lathers have never offered much of a solution to this problem, allow us to introduce the rather unconventional Rise Closer & Closer

It comes out of the can as a protective lubricating gel that coats your face and turns into a concentrated lather as you apply it.

And what's unique is that the lubricating coating is formulated to stay on and keep protecting you even after the first couple of strokes. So you can get down to the very bottom of your whiskers without the fear of harming your face.

New Rise Closer & Closer should make the imperfect art of getting a close, comfortable shave a little more perfect.

For the way men actually shave.

3 - No Irritation, Nicking or Pulling - Rise Shaving Lather with Protective Lubricating Gel

Introducing a new shaving gel.
Rise Protection Plus.

Now you don't have to compromise between getting a close shave and getting a comfortable shave.

Man, in all his infinite wisdom, has not yet designed a razor blade that can differentiate between whisker and skin. So the closer you try to shave the more likely you are to irritate, nick and otherwise harm your face. Which makes for anything but a comfortable shave.

Yet up to now, conventional shaving lathers haven't provided a real solution to this problem. Which is precisely why were're introducing Rise Protection Plus.

It starts out as a protective lubricating gel . that coats your face and then lathers quickly while you're putting it on.

The lubricating coating lets your razor glide through your beard without irritating, nicking or pulling. Therein lies the protection.

The lather softens your whiskers to set them up for a closer shave. Therein lies the plus.

Rise Protection Plus will help you go over your beard without getting under your skin.

4 - Rise Shaving Cream proves its Wetness for the Whole Shave without any Water Added

To prove the wetness of Rise this man shaved without using any water

5 - Save your Face - Rise Regular Shaving Cream with Miracle Coating Improves your Chances

Rise All-Purpose Ad.  Used in New Mexican Horse Bulletin,
February-March, 1969.

What you need more than a miracle coating on your blade is a miracle coating on your face.

                Their miracle coating.                            Our miracle coating.

For all their miracle coatings, razor blades still sometimes end upscratching, scraping, and irritating you.

     We  made something to improve your chances.
      We put a thin lubricating film into Rise.* (Our  "miracle coating.")

It coats your skin and makes you a little less likely to destroy yourself on the way to a close shave.

Of course, this doesn't mean you'll never do anything to yourself. You'd need more than even our miracle coating for that. You'd need a miracle.
                                                  Save Face

6 - Shaving with Rise Rich Moist Lather Makes you Look and Feel Good

For years we've made your face look great.                                                     

When people look at you the first thing they see is your face. So you should make it look good.

Well, Rise does just that. And it can make your face feel good too. Because Rise' shaving cream  is extraordinarily moist. And the more moist a shaving cream is, the more comfortable your shave is.

            Military M'kt Magazine 12/71      Family Mag. (Army  Times Supp.) 4/5/72

7 - Rise Shaving Lather Seeps Enough Moisture into your Beard for a Clean, Smooth Shave

To prove the wetness of Rise, this man shaved  without using any water.

And he actually got a smooth, clean shave. The reason he got such a clean shave is the moisture in Rise.

A lather needs moisture, needs wetness, so your beard won't dry out beneath it. And you can't buy a lather  that's wetter than Rise.

Slowly it seeps moisture into your beard and holds it there for as long as it takes you to shave.

The point we're trying to prove  is this: If our man can get a smooth, clean shave using Rise with no water, imagine what you can do using Rise with water.

              CRW-70-114 Business Today  Dec.-Jan. '71 issue
                            Jaycee Football Classic  9/5/70.

8 - Look Great after Shaving with Rise

                     For years
                We've made your
                   face look great.

When people look at you the first thing they see is your face. So you should make it look good.

Well, Rise does just that. And it can make your face feel good too. Because Rise shaving cream is extraordinary moist. And the more moist a shaving cream is, the more comfortable your shave is.

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