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"I purchased my first bottle of Dermasil Advanced Treatment Creamy Lotion and this the FIRST PRODUCT that has shown almost instant results with some serious skin conditions.  I suffer from such bad psoriasis that I have to be on high prescription cortizon cream all the time.  I have not used this cream in the last two days since I started using your product.  It truly has better results than anything I have ever used. 

Also I have some serious dry spots on my feet and after one night of rubbing this in before putting on socks I saw dramatic results in the morning.  I recommend this product highly and will continue to use it with satisfaction for a long time. "

    Joe Starosciak
    Huntersville, NC 28078. 



First I would like to thank you for making Dermasil Lotion & Creams. I bought these because I had tried just about everything on several itchy patches on my arms around my elbows.  I am pleased to tell you Dermasil has completely healed these dry itchy patches and if they start to come back again, I just start applying the cream again."

Again, Thank you!

    Cathy L. Henson
    Ashland City, Tennessee


"Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to thank you for creating such wonderful lotions! I  recently purchased my first tube of Dermasil's Dry Skin Treatment lotion last month, and haven't stopped using it since! Not only did it lock in moisture for at least two days, but it also left my skin with an  amazing healthy glow. I can't thank you enough. I'll never switch  to another cream. I'm hooked! "

Sincerely yours,

    Annaliese Stautner
    Saratoga Springs, New York


"I found your cream in the Dollar Tree Store and it was very effective in repairing and clearing an "uncomfortable" eczema type skin situation that I had on the palm of my hands – I thought that it was an allergic response to something that I touch in the garden or perhaps the soil but it wouldn't go away. I was using recommended products form my dermatologist for about 8 months and they did not do the trick.  Thanks for this product."

    Conrad A Thomas, BS, CLS, ASCP
    Surgical Laboratory/POCT


"I just wanted to let you know how good this product  is .Two of my children have eczema one is very severe  I have seen a tremendous change in there skin because  of your lotion, its better than the cream the doctors  prescribe thank you."


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"Dear Rise!!

I cant believe I found you! I have used Baby Face for YEARS, until a few years ago when I just assumed you went out of business. Nobody carried  Baby Face any longer. SO for years I have used other inferior products since. I have very dry skin and baby face was the best thing for my face when shaving. I don't know why you don't sell your product any longer through retail outlets. I am sure you have millions of customers who would buy  your products! I will be buying BABY FACE again!"



    Roger Ford

"I live in Minnesota and the extreme cold and dryness during the winter can leave the skin on my hands scaly, rough, itchy, cracked, even bleeding. I have found no other non-steroidal, nonprescription skin treatment that works as well as Dermasil. It absolutely lives up to its promises to heal and control severely dry skin. It is pleasant and non-greasy to use, and doesn't need to be reapplied constantly in order to be effective. I can recommend this product without reservation. (Now if they only made something this good for hair ...!)"

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"Dear Rise International,

You are truly lifesavers. I have contact dermatitis and cannot use soap with any additives in it. PEARS soap is the only one that helps with my condition. You have my gratitude forever."

    John Summers,
    Chichopee, Massachusetts

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"I loved Pears soap for many years but I never new that what I fell in love with was a product that has been around since the 18th century! How many products does one know that have defied father time like the Pears brand? Now that I know its glorious history, I understand even more why I loved it in the first place. This healthy, natural, transparent soap and outstanding Dermasil lotion are my family's standards now! Since I get them by the case now, I frequently use them as a very practical gifts and make my friends very happy too."

    Rebecca Reedy
    Los Gatos, California


"Hello, Rise International,

Pears Collx2I am 46 years old single mother, with two teenagers and we live in New Bern, NC.

About six years ago I developed a very bad case of dermatitis on my hands. It was so bad I hated to take a shower or brush my teeth. Cleaning my house seemed impossible. I would end up with even more painful and broken hands. Wearing gloves did not help. Doctors prescribed different creams. I felt better for a short while but my problem did not go away. Some of the cream thinned my skin so badly I was cutting my self with anything, even my own nails.

Needles to say I was devastated by constant pain, itching and burning. One year ago I noticed a cream for hands at the Dollar store different than anything I seen before. Very carefully I used the small amount from the sample bottle and waited to see how my hands were going to react. After 1- 15 minutes I filled my hand were soft again and my itching was less and less bothering my hands. I was still suspicious. After two weeks my hands cleared about and my skin became and of normal thickness, no redness, blisters, cracking or itching. I went back to the store and bought all cream that was left. I was eczema free the whole year. I looked for this cream for a long time in different stores, but I did not find it yet. Please help me. I am out of your cream and my hands are again painful, hurting, cracking and full of blisters. Where can I find you product in my area?"

"Amazing story here my son is 6 years old and suffers daily and nightly from moderate to severe eczema.. For the past 5 years we have followed the advice of dermatologists and pediatricians to buy the most expensive products on the market...these lotions did nothing to help my son.  W e used prescriptions lotions and steroid creams. These steroid creams caused concern because they can be dangerous if used the wrong way and not were safe for his face. One night he woke up and asked me how long did have to live like this... heart broken and very defeated I saw no relief for my 6 year old child.

So one day we are shopping at our local Dollar tree when your product all but reached out and slapped me in  my face.  I was leery to purchase because most dollar store products are watered down and really not very effective...but hey for a dollar Ill try it. I purchased the Dermasil dry skin treatment and for 3 weeks he has slept through the night and even looks great...his face is completely clear and his arms are barley noticable...I love this product and have begun to share it with all those I know who have this condition...

I want to know if you have a complete line   like body wash and soaps? And where in my area can I purchase these?  This dollar tree only carries the lotion...

 Thank you so much for this life changing product I want to go back and buy  it all up before I cant find it anymore...."

    Just Smile!!!
    As Always, Lisa Dawn



I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your company.

I've been a long time buyer of dermasil and can't imagine buying  anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it  can be tough responding to those, so I thought I'd add a little  sunshine.

You're doing great work, it's appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.

I don't know if you have any samples or coupons you could send my way but I'd be most appreciative to try more of your products.

Thank you and have a great day!"


"Name-brand deals: We've been disappointed in the quality of off-brand laundry detergents and toilet bowl cleaners at Dollar Tree. But a window cleaner made by an Oldsmar company is as good as Windex. And for rough hands, the 8-ounce Dermasil was a steal compared to $7.99 for similar moisturizers at CVS."

    St. Petersburg Times, Dollar Tree Customer Feedback



I found dermasil lotion and boy am I happy! I am on a fixed income so I can't afford all those fancy smancy  lotions and I don't need all those thick heavy ones. Dermasil is just right for using on my hands, face and feet (at night)."


    Julia Wilhite
    Davison MI


"I have used Rise shave cream since 1951 when I started to college. When I say I have used Rise, I mean I have used it exclusively for all that time.

It became hard to find and about a year ago or so I bought three cans. Well I'm nearly out and I can't find it anywhere in my town. Wal-Mart, Walgreen, CVC, All the grocery stores, and any other outlet I could think of that could possibly carry it. I did find it on eBay at 1.10 for the 11 oz can but the shipping was 6.95 per so that kind of seems prohibitive. Can you please help me? At 72 years of age I don't feel like breaking my Rise habit. Baby Face or Regular, it makes no difference, and I would buy 6 or 12 cans (however it is packed). Help me keep my Rise habit!"

    Paul Long
    Kerrville, Texas


"Hello Rise International,

My name is Jeff Clark, I am 57 years young, and I live in Ohio. After years of doing without it, I got lucky and found Rise Shaving Cream on your website. THANK YOU. Quite a few years ago I got hooked on it because of the invigorating effect it has on my face… It also eliminates razor burn, skin irritation and facial rashes. I am always amazed of the very close shave I gate with Rise. I have been around for more years I'd like to admit and, in my opinion, here's absolutely nothing quite like it. "

    Jeff Clark
    Canton, Ohio


"New time user of rise BABY FACE and like it though it doesn't  seem as concentrated as Barbasol soothing aloe. Love your can size and shape. Easier to use in the morning while trying to wake up. Was a Barbasol user for 40+ years. Switched cause they had (almost) same size can but they stopped using it so I stopped using it when I found your can. Is there an expiration date on this shaving cream (baby face)? Please do not change back to those dopy 11 oz size cans. These fit a  man's hand. Love your web site...very user friendly!!!! PS I still like the Barbasol product but hat their can. Please do not send me junk email however coupons are appreciated."

Kind regards

    Tom Blanchard


"This lotion is excellent for hands and feet and is gentle enough to be  used on your face. It's almost unscented as well. I have some Aveeno  lotion I paid over seven dollars for and although it seems to moisturize well, I seem to be really sensitive to something in it. It causes me to itch almost uncontrollably within an hour or two. The Dermasil doesn't.

As with many lotions, it works best right after a bath or shower. It  will absorb really quickly and almost completely. There is a slight  greasiness that remains but I've found this is not nearly as bad as it  is with many lotions.

You can find this stuff at some dollar  stores in big containers or tubes for a dollar so you don't feel any  guilt using lots of it. Don't let the low price scare you away. This is a quality product."



"I have very sensitive/problematic skin, and this stuff is truly  hypo-allerginic like it says. I use it primarily on my face after I use  an acne wash, and it moisturizes my skin perfectly, and NEVER causes any irritation whatsoever. It's unscented and doesn't leave the skin oily.  This stuff is particularly great because it's so cheap considering the  wonderful job it does (I get it from a dollar store for $1). I highly  recommend it, especially to people with sensitive skin."



"Rise was my first shaving cream (my father used it, of course). Over the past thirty-five years, I've tried most of the other brands which have  always proved inferior. Since about ten years ago, I have been using  Prorazo in combination with Rise, with excellent results. I apply the  Prorazo cream first, then lather up with the Rise. Smoothest shave there is outside of a barber shop."

    Verus Bellator

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